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Justice for Michael Brown

Rally for Mike Brown in ChicagoOn August 14 Raphael Gibson from Chicago Nite Life grabbed a camera and went to the Daley Plaza for the Michael Brown Rally.  As people began to march in the streets of downtown Chicago, I was able to catch up with Raphael to see people of different colors and culture come together to support the Brown family.  This is just one of many rallies that were taking place in the US.  Other cities such as New York and Philadelphia rallied for Justice for Mike Brown. Click the link to see #JusticeForMikeBrown.


Stoned while driving

“Click It or Ticket” is a national public ad campaign that is focused on increasing the use of seat belts among teens and young adults.  The whole set up is that if you do not have a seat belt on you could get a ticket by police officers.  Well one individual in Springfield, Massachusetts forgot to put on a seat belt while smoking a joint.  That is correct a Springfield man ran through a stop sign and blew out a cloud of marijuana smoke when he was pulled over.  The officer who stoped the man asked the driver “Are you smoking marijuana while operating this motor vehicle?” His response “Why, yes, I am, officer.”  The 30 year old man is schedule for arraignment on charges of operating under the influence of drugs, failure to obey a stop sign, and wear a seat belt.

Dems New Approach to increase taxes

Today in Springfield, Illinois House of Democrats took a vote today to determine if state income tax increase will remain permanent at 5 percent.  The 5 percent state income tax increase is only temporary and will expire on May 31.  If they do not make the income tax permenant at 5 percent it will drop to 3 percent.    This decease will cause funding in education and other services to take deep cuts. Speaker Michael Madigan has developed a plan to cut spending by $4 billion from their $38 billion budget that was approved last week.

Governor Quinn has proposed to the House of Democrats that they keep the income state tax at 5 percent.  The House needs 60 votes to make the income tax hike permanent.  Among the 71 members of Democrats, 34 favor to keep the higher tax rate, 30 are opposed, and 4 undecided.   Quinn spokeswoman Brooke Anderson says the Governor is working on passing a budget that will help to fund education in Illinois.

Republicans are expect not to vote to keep the tax increase at 5 percent.  With the threat of budget cuts to education and other services.  Governor Quinn and Speaker Madigan hope that the threats of the deep cuts will force other members of the House to keep the tax increase.    With lack of support of this proposal Governor Quinn could be out of a job when elections come on November 4.  more info