My name is Michael Bradford II I am a student at the Illinois Center for Broadcasting.  I am going to Illinois Center for Broadcasting because I want to be in the broadcast business.  I am a very hands on person who likes to be creative.  At ICB I have learned how to create radio commercials, video commercials, learning how to create websites, edit on final cut pro, edit adobe premiere and learning how to use equipment in the broadcasting field.  I hope to one day to be able to be a versatile person who can produce commercial for products and create a variety show where you can talk about everything from entertainment, sports, news, politics, food, music, etc.  I really like working with the camera and editing videos.  I just want to be able to create whatever I want and share it with the world.  I am a humble, calm, funny, sarcastic, smart, helpful and a person who loves to help out.  I like hanging out with friends and family.  Love sports my favorite teams are San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks, and FC Bayern München soccer club.  My goal is to create a production company and create great production for the world.

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