Michael Bradford Video Demo

IMG_0028My name is Michael Bradford and I just finished my video demo.  I will graduating from the Illinois Center for Broadcasting on Aug 29th, 2014.  I have worked very hard to get a diploma/certificate of broadcasting.  My goal is to become a video editor and cameraman for a great production company.  As I progress my skills in this industry I want to produce commercials, music videos, comedy shows, and have my own talk show called Talks at the Bar.  Click on Mike B Video Demo to watch.

Justice for Michael Brown

Rally for Mike Brown in ChicagoOn August 14 Raphael Gibson from Chicago Nite Life grabbed a camera and went to the Daley Plaza for the Michael Brown Rally.  As people began to march in the streets of downtown Chicago, I was able to catch up with Raphael to see people of different colors and culture come together to support the Brown family.  This is just one of many rallies that were taking place in the US.  Other cities such as New York and Philadelphia rallied for Justice for Mike Brown. Click the link to see #JusticeForMikeBrown.